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Artist Spotlight "Lisa Barron"

Lisa Barron is definitely an artists to be on the look out for... visit her website at for details on her music, her ministry and so much more...

Lisa Barron

Lisa Barron is just a little country girl that grew up in Longview, Texas. She is the daughter of the late Charles Armstrong and the now Evangelist Augustine Jenkins.  She started singing at the age of nine, and a little while later she started attending Mt Zion Spiritual Church #2 where Pastor Cedell Mitchell inspired her by the way he would sing and direct the church choir...

"The Sounds of Lisa Barron Delivers True Gospel and Heart Felt Praise""

                                                             - Ordinary People Magazine

It is Lisa Barrons deepest desire to travel the world spreading the gospel of Christ to everyone.  If you want a gospel singer full of energy and on fire for the Lord, that is sure to enhance your worship experience please call Lisa Barron @ 903-472-1960 or contact us on Facebook @ Lisa Barron & Joyful Sounds. 

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